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A-Z - Every Chat Network
You'll find many different networks shared by topic and nationality. New communites added each week.
AbleNET IRC Network
An IRC Network open to all individuals from around the world to gather and meet others with similar interest.
Ablivion Chat
Formerly known as Snoozenet. Site includes a java applet through which you can access the network without a client. free internet relay chat provides a free internet relay chat server for anyone to chat openly and without restrictions. There is no main topic of discussion, but a lot of our users have a deep interest in computer, so we often end up talking about programming and suchlike.
Action IRC Network
News, statistics, server list, staff, forum, help pages with FAQ.
Action IRC Network
Worldwide user base; includes list of staff and mission statement. Also has a java chat and information about the network.
Action Net - Gallows Server
Friendly server attached to the Action Net network.
A network based on democracy where the users elect ircops and admins.
AfterNET IRC Network
There are currently 10 servers connected including servers in United States, Canada, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.
Includes staff list, news, policies, servers, help with services, and contact information. Complete services included.
Amical IRC Network
Offering full services, network related help, and family-friendly chatting.
Dedicated primarily to anime and gaming. Includes where to get clients, server list, services help, and special area for members. NickServ, MemoServ, ChanServ.
AppleSlice IRC Network
Contains server and staff information. Network charter and rules are also posted on the website.
Arab Chat Network
Includes free e-mail and a java chat applet.
Rules, server list, client downloads, web chat, channels, linking, services, staff, jargon, links, and statistics.
Guide for new users, frequently asked questions, popular software, security guide, and administration. Several services; servers in the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, Canada, and Australia.
Awesomchat Network Website
Includes general information as well as information on the servers, channels, linking, and rules.
News, server list, staff, services, help, documentation, software, chat applet, linking, and mailing list.
BallBusters Network
Includes profles, forum, newsletter, links and a java chat applet.
Blue IRC
This website is for and about the Blue IRC Network. It provides informative information about IRC and also a total IRC network that is free and open to the public.
Includes staff list, server list, Java chat, and rules. NickServ, ChanServ, and OperServ.
BrasIRC is focused on serving the country of Brazil with services and several servers.
burnIRC:net - The Art of IRC
A new IRC Network with SSL and IPV6 Support!
Central Chat - providing free IRC chat rooms
CentralChat IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network
Chat Solutions Inc
The company provides live interactive chat functionality to websites. IRC Network
One of the newer networks offering full services, a java client and basic network information on their website.
ChatCity IRC Network
Servers across Australia. HTML and java chat, server details, current statistics, open positions, linking information, channel applications, and latest news. Services include nick and channel registration.
Philosophy, servers, policies, software, and user pages.
Family-oriented network focused primarily on popular bands and artists. Accessible through a java apple or a client. Includes nickname, channel, and memo services. Policies, services, staff, and link information included also on the website.
Internet community site that offers chatting on their network, message boards, mailing lists, and chatting tips. IRC Network
A global IRC network with servers from many different countries.
clarityIRC network
Our network is speedy and stable and has much potential. Our operators are there to help each user.
CobraIRC Chat Network
We are a friendly little network. This is a nice place to come relax and make new friends or enjoy chatting with new friends.
Coolchat IRC Network
Coolchat IRC Network information page, IRC, WebTV and JAVA chat support. Coolchat operator instructions, channel services instructions. Add FREE Java chat to your webpage.
Offers full services. Site includes administration, e-zine, upcoming events, help with the network and relative topics, resources for k:lined users, news, server list, clients, and users section.
DarkFire IRC Network
A network which offers full services, a java chat, and a clean environment with friendly opers.
Darkfyre.Net IRC Network
Site includes staff and server information, linking information, staff photographs, help pages, and channel pages.
DarrudeNet Chat Servers
IRC Chat server open to public chat.
News, server list, services, server application, and java applet.
News, operators, servers, and help.
Philosophy, administration, live chat, user email, services, server list, support, and links.
DuDiNet IRC Network
At the moment the network counts about 20 servers in 6 countries. Contains basic network information including servers, staff, and linking information.
Dynastynet IRC Network
Dynastynet IRC Network is a Family Oriented IRC Chat. A Very Unique Chatting Experience, like no other
News, history, staff, servers, channels, rules, protection, services, java chat, and sponsors.
Eris-Free is the largest and first network that was created back in 1990. EFnet is also a news site dedicated to giving you more information and news about the biggest community in the world.
A project organized by ex-EFnet administrators geared towards making IRC a more stable, uniform, chat environment.
Eleethal IRC
Founded February 20, 2001, using latest technologies in IRC including a BotServ, and using access levels instead of aop/sop. These services make founding a channel more flexible with fully customizable services options to monitor flooding, and overusage of color codes, using 'badwords'
EpiK NetworK
EpiK NetworK is a french-speaking IRC Network. You can register yours nicks, channels, you can have free robots to manage your channels, you have a communication system (memos), and you can CHAT via the WEB, or install an Java Applet in your web site.
ERAT Network Homepage
Includes rules, bot information, and IRCop and helper applications.
EU IRC Network
Mostly European community which includes server and staff information and services help pages.
Exodus IRC Network
Website contains channel information, policies, servers, services help, and webcams. Site also contains a download page for scripts and clients.
Extreme IRC Network
Website includes chat rooms, downloads, IRC help documentation, profiles on admins/users and more
Family Chat IRC Network
Stable servers and minimum 'netsplits'. Offers everyone a safe place to chat.
An IRC network that features java chat for easy access for the public.
News, servers, channels, rules, and services.
With over 25 years combined network experience, aims to provide a "safe" and clean environment in which to chat. Basic network information, servers, staff, links.
FreeIRC.Org IRC Network
Recently new high speed community. Based upon the ideals of a fast, political-free chat environment.
Freeworld IRC Network
Aims to provide a friendly chatting environment. Includes full services, a java applet with no need for a client, server information, and user biographies.
Formed with the sole purpose to bring a reliable, comfortable, and stable chatting environment to the Internet community. Includes a java chat applet and full services.
Dedicated to internet gaming. Includes basic game information and server information.
GlobalGab Communications
An IRC network with competitions, site of the week, and always open to new ideas.
A general chat network featuring complete user services. Home to channels for several popular online comic strips.
Hack4Surf Networks
We offer a variety of channels to choose from. We are a reliable and fast IRC Network with lots to offer.
The largest and first network that supports Hangul (Korean Alphabet) environment that was created in 1993.
A small network with news, channels, servers, and services.
Hybrid Network
News, statistics, servers, software, and documentation.
Illuzion-Org Network
Fast servers devoted to making your IRC experience a safe and pleasant one. Meet friends, find romance and have fun.
A large IRC Network that is based on Java Chat.
A fast, reliable network dedicated to the online gaming community. Hooray!
Interlink IRC Christian Ministries
Site provides extensive information on services and other features of the InterLink Christian IRC network, along with information about IRC itself.
IRC and WebTV Chat Network
Focuses on free speech. Java client, network details, forum, information for WebTV owners. Offers Web space and e-mail accounts to users.
Dedicated IRC chat network for Unreal Tournament and Unreal 2. Public channels: #utgames #uthelp #utrecruiting #utchat #staff for IRC network help n support
Includes news, java chat, virus help, discussion list, downloads, servers, network statistics, help, support, and policies.
IRCtown Chat Network
IRCtown offers the standard services for its users, and also a trivia channel for their entertainment. We pride ourself on our staff and have minimal lag and net splits.
Staff, network news, help, forum, servers, and links. IRC Network
Network information containing servers list, a help page, network policies, Java Chat, and information on how to get to
KreyNet IRC Network
Contains server, channel and services information. Accessible by a java chat applet and contains full services.
A network formed by experienced administrators from other networks. KrushNet has servers around the world and their website contains more information on the network in general.
LagNet IRC Network
LagNet was formed by a group of users as an experiment, and from then, has grown into one of South Africa's largest online communities. Contains rules, server, staff, channel and services information. Website also includes a java chat applet.
Luxusbuerg Chat Network
The most popular chat platform in Luxembourg. Enjoy chatting with more than 5000 people everyday.
mac warez files list
mac warez
MetalliNet Networks
A place for Metal fans to discuss music and everyday things.
Millenia IRC Org.
Family oriented network dedicated to providing a fun and safe chatting environment.
Mistrider IRC Network
Family-oriented community focused primarily on popular bands and artists. Accessible through java chat applet or a chat client. Website contains policies, services information, staff, and links. Full services available.
Home of the experimental mooIRC Network - Using Hybrid IRCd, designed to look like IRCX.
We currently run an IRC Network, along with a free shell provider for users of the network.
MysticalNet IRC Network
A fast small network with role playing channels. Welcome to more users that wish to chat. Website contains basic network information and statistics.
NdrsNet IRC Network
Fun, safe and porn free. Webtv chat and java chat available.
NebulaNet IRC Network
Setup by uplink, tavia and flippy during Summer 2000. It's hub is in London and the website contains helpful information on the network.
Romanian IRC Network
NetHelpDesk - Helpdesk System with Network Diagrams and Change Management.
Network Helpdesk System with diagramming, SLA, Service Status and Change Management, Help desk software
NeverNet IRC Network
Newly formed community that provides a safe haven for chatters of all sorts. Site contains news, server information, relative links, and a java chat applet.
NewNet is a network that was set out to create a fun environment for the users.
Nexlinks IRC Networks
Includes staff information, rules and policies, help pages, and a java chat applet.
Nightstar IRC Network
A new and growing network that is dedicated to making chatting fun for its users.
NoverNet IRC Network
A community where everyone can come to chat if they follow the rules. Lists information on rules, server list and IRCops.
Open Internet Relay Chat Network
Philosophy, news, policies, linking, servers, software, and help.
Open Projects
Provide a friendly interaction environment for project coordination and for the support of community projects. Includes a server list, philosophy, rules, how to help, and internal projects.
Optimum IRC Network
A place for members of your website or group to chat freely with out overpowering operators controlling you, contact us for information on starting your own channel
OtherNet IRC Network
Growing community with full services, friendly opers, and plenty of help. Wesbite contains network, channel, taught classes, and policy information. Site also contains a java chat applet.
Founded when the old links to Undernet became unusable due to the huge amount of traffic going across the TransPacific Australian/United States network link. Contains server, channel, and statistical information.
PaganPaths IRC Network
Online pagan community. A network striving to make a welcome home for people of all paths, free of religious tensions. A place where people can share their experiences, beliefs, knowledge and friendship.
Phishy IRC Network
Their aim is simple, to provide a place where people can chat. Go ahead and chat about anything and everything. They're also home to a #Trivia channel as well as other fun channels.
Rules, pictures, staff, java chat, and links.
QChat IRC Network
Growing IRC network with full and unique services (e.g. Cupid and GameMS) along with standard services (e.g. NickMS) with a user focus.
QDeckers IRC Network
A friendly chat environment for everyone . We were known as or, but after 3 years we have a new server, we do permit Warez, Bots & MP3's, as long as they don't cause a problem, we also have adult channels available, such as CyberSex & CyberFuck, amongst other family and friendly and teen channels.
Website for the QuakeNet IRC Network.
RaptorNet IRC Network
RaptorNet is a young irc network which provides users a comfortable place to chat.
Free web-based email accounts, web chat, quotes, servers, link application, staff, channels, and services.
RebelChat IRC Network
Server list, channel registrations, statistics, Java games. Also provides links to clients and policy statement.
RelicNet IRC Network
Medium-sized IRC Network with services (chanserv/nickserv, etc.) Founded in 1997.
RouteNet IRC Network
RouteNet's web site is dedicated to bringing our users relevant content, news, and resources. Our IRC network provides a free means of Internet-based communications for anyone in the world.
The test network for the UnrealIRCd.
After many years of lag, too many rules and general lack of leadership on other networks, SandNET was created. A Java Chat applet is available. [Java Browser Required - Heavy Java]
SB101 IRC Network
Information about the network, how to chat, rules, services, and help information.
News and announcements, java chat, forums, downloads, FAQs, links, and registered users list.
IRC Server Website, for ScooshIRC, join us on
ShadowFire IRC Network
Contains full customised services, spread over three continents. Website includes a staff list, services information, a java chat applet and much more.
Sid Kitty Land IRC Chat
New, small-sized network. Includes full services and they also keep the lag to a minimum. Site contains klined user information, services information, and current network news.
SorceryNet IRC Network
Sorcery Net has a wide variety of channels, from general chat to role playing games. The majority of servers are located in the US, with one in Sweden serving Europe. A busy network, well worth a look. Friendly admin in #Sourcery respond quickly to questions. 'Bot policy varies from server to server, finger for more details.
Spamnet IRC Network
A fairly new network that allows people with similar interests to chat together for as long as they'd like to. Website includes policies, staff and server information, network status, and channel list.
StarLink-IRC Network
Friendly, safe and helpful chat environment for the whole family.
StormDancing IRC Network
Website containing a lot of relative links including server pages, history, staff, network mailing list, and also contains a java chat applet.
An IRC network that was designed with a family oriented environment.
Telefragged IRC Network
Telefragged community website includes a java chat applet, a relavtive link page, staff and server information, and current network news.
The Blitzed IRC Network
Website providing live chat, user profiles and help to new users.
The Castlenet IRC Chat Network
Servers in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Services help, staff list, policies, most popular channels, information for people interested in linking, and Java chat.
The Daran IRC Network
News, information, staff, servers, java applet for the Daran IRC Network.
the darkmyst irc network
DarkMyst is dedicated to becoming the most high quality IRC network available and providing it's users with an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.
The IceNet IRC Network
Intergalactic Cyber Experience - the IRC network with a difference. Stable servers, friendly opers
The ShadowWorld IRC Network
Offers information on IRC.ShadowWorld.Net, Services help files in multiple languages, policies, user feedback survey, community links, and staff member information.
The StarChat IRC Network
Friendly, helpful and mid-sized, (1000+ users). Warez and porn free, and is dedicated to assisting you with having an easier time chatting on the internet. Registered bots allowed. Includes a Java Chat applet.
The Undernet
Undernet is one of the largest realtime chat networks in the world, with approximately 45 servers connecting over 35 countries and serving more than 100,000 people weekly.
The ZUH IRC Network.
Informational network website that includes network policies, server and staff information, and user web page links. The network is compatible with PC, Mac and WebTV. Zuh is considered a family network being that it has no porn or warez on it.
Turbo-IRC Network
A fast, reliable and friendly new network.
UK Chat Server for Teens, Students and everyone
Uk Chat server with message board and Chatting facilities, for students and teens, other rooms also avalible.
UnitedChat Networks
Provides complete services and a safe environment. Website includes staff information, bot application, and channel information.
Village IRC Family-friendly Chat
Founded with the belief that people could have fun chatting without the need for fearing foul language and other bothersome sides of live Internet chat.
VirtualIRC Networks
WebTv compatible; service and program information.
WonkNet is a network dedicated to offering its users a safe and secure place to chat with friends and discuss an assortment of topics.
WreckedNet IRC Network
Dedicated to providing a safe haven for chatters, role players, and anyone else who has something to contribute to the chatting experience.
News, rules, java chat, forum, statistics, and links.
A small, but growing community that takes pride in itself. Information about rules, servers. Pictures of Opers and Admins and relevant links to information about IRC.

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