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Pro Wrestling
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Independent Promotions
World Wrestling Federation
Pro wrestling daily news source.
News, columns, forum, and related information.
4-1-1 Wrestling Pages
News and rumors from WWF, WCW, and ECW. Columns, profiles, and forums.
A1 Wrestling
A collection of wrestling realted newsfeeds. Covers WWF, WCW, ECW, and Japan.
Absolute Wrestling
Includes several columnists, reviews of different shows, user voting, a forum for posting on, and a chat room.
Headlines and results from WWF, WCW, and ECW.
Recent news, rumors, interviews, and columns. Also includes a forum, links, and photos. [slash] Wrestling
Show and PPV results, submitted columns and letters, and related information.
Death Valley Driver Video Review Page
Fringe pro-wrestling fans. International wrestling tape reviews, extensive discussion board, chat, and multimedia.
E-Wrestling News
News, rumor, results about the latest in WWF, WCW, and ECW wrestling.
News, biographies, photos, chat, bulletin board, free e-mail, build your own site and submit your own article features.
Explicit Wrestling
Newsboard discussing professional wrestling in general.
Impact Wrestling Online
Wrestling news from the WWF and WCW. Includes columns, rumors, gallery, newsletter, and interactive features.
Innovators of Wrestling
Wrestling news, rumors, and results.
Internet Wrestling Tabloid
News and predictions for WWF, WCW, and ECW. Chat room.
Internet Wrestling Zone
Editorials, games, contests, poll and message board.
Irvin Muchnick's Wrestling Journalism Archive
Wrestling-related articles from various magazines.
Lords of Pain
Includes news, results, links and message board.
Mark Smart's Wrestling Nation
Columns, news, rumors, poll, interactive fan area.
Marking Out
News, columns and reports, along with fan articles and art work.
Wrestling tabloid. Dedicated to misinformation about professional wrestling.
Mike Mooneyham Wrestling
Weekly articles on the weeks biggest story.
Neo Wrestling
Professional wrestling site with emphasis on historical and foreign content in addition to America. Reviews, biographies, stats, and message boards included.
Ollie's Wrestling Resources
Links to all the major wrestling sites.
Piledriver Press
Ratings, recaps, columns, multimedia, interviews, message board and news.
PlasticSword Wrestling
Comprehensive site featuring show reviews, news headlines, columns and reader interaction.
Power Wrestling
Long running site features live pay per view play by play, multimedia, columns, ask PW and much more.
President Jack's Wrestling World
Reviews, news and commentary on the WWF, WCW, and ECW.
Pro Wrestling Columns
Includes a wide variety of pro wrestling columnists and news reporters.
Pro Wrestling Daily
News, editorials, images and interviews. [Flash]
Pro Wrestling Journal
All the news, results, columns and rumors updated hourly.
Pro Wrestling News
WWF and ECW television show results, news and rumors.
Pro Wrestling News and Rumors
News and rumors from WWF and WCW.
Pro Wrestling Rumors
News, rumors, results, and links.
Pro Wrestling Torch
Wrestling's online journal of news and opinion.
PWBTS 2000
News and columns about the big 3 as well as independent promotions.
Ratings 'R Us
Large archive of match ratings for numerous professional wrestling promotions.
Raw Attitude
Contains news, multimedia, columns, chat room, wrestler information and interviews.
RingRust: The Folded Chair
An E-zine with archive and links.
Rock Bottom Wrestling
Up to the minute news on WWF, WCW and ECW.
Rock n' Wrestlin'
Rocknwrestlin is Pro Wrestling news and rumors plus much more.
Proving that wrestling is real. Really! It is!
News, rumors, and information about the WWF, WCW, and ECW. Updated daily.
SLAM! Wrestling
Canadian site that contains many articles from Canadian newspapers, original columns, and guest articles. Contains news, rumors, TV and PPV reports, biographies, photos and videos.
Smash Wrestling
News and resources on WWF, WCW and ECW. Includes reports and regular columns, newsletters, bios, and title histories.
Information, news, and articles on WWF, WCW, ECW, and other federations.
Sports Entertainment
Latest news and rumors for the WWF, WCW, and other independent federations.
Steve's World of Wrestling
Lots of news updated several times a day, quick results, interesting facts and rumors for WWF, WCW, and ECW.
STP2001 Wrestling News
Headlines and articles dealing with all wrestling federations including WWF and WCW. Also features discussion groups and chat.
Pro wrestling news, rumors, multimedia, humor, and live coverage.
News and interviews by Ken Tuccio.
Tha WarZone
Newsboard, biographies, wrestling terms and facts, chatrooms, and rumors.
The Big3 newsboard
Newsboard that features many reporters, as well as the Nirvanic and the Oratory.
The Bizarr
Multi-federation interviews, message board, editorials, results, news and contact information.
The Ditch's Wrestling Page
News, results, commentary, multimedia and columns.
The Middle Turnbuckle Report
A wrestling column with top 10 lists, interviews, and commentary. Includes an archive of columns.
The Other Arena
Polls, message boards, TV and PPV results, and information.
The Pain Clinic
News and columns. Radio talk show with guest wrestlers.
The People's Wrestling Website
Updated daily with news, rumors, entrance themes, videos, sounds, pictures, and information for WWF, WCW, and ECW.
The Ringside Edge
Wrestling radio show out of Detroit. Wrestling news, views, interviews, contests.
The Stranglehold
Official site for St. Louis' only professional wrestling radio show. Features news updates, interviews and interactive fan feedback.
The Torture Rack
Results for WWF, WCW, and ECW. Columns and interactive features.
The Turnbuckle
Wrestling news, information, and interaction.
The Worldwide Wrestling Corner
News, rumors, links, music, pictures and information.
The Wrestle Network
Offers news, columns, and a radio show.
The Wrestling Article Archive
Large archive of professional wrestling related articles. Indexed by date and includes site search.
The Wrestling Clothesline
Tribute pages, news, rants and more.
The Wrestling Oratory
A column and news site with a large stable of columnists, heavy updating since early '99. Focused on WWF, WCW, and independent coverage.
The Wrestling Realm
News, rumors, results and interactive features.
The Wrestling Utopia
Information site containing biographies, title histories, PPV reviews and pictures.
The Wrestling View
Regularly udated news and columns. Interactive features and links.
News and multimedia wrestling site with an opinionated slant covering all major North American wrestling promotions. Updated daily.
News and opinion site with columns and show recaps.
TJ's Wrestlezone
Your source for WWF and WCW themes, pics, and opinions.
Top 25 Wrestling Sites
Links to thousands of wrestling news, stories and pictures.
TR Revolution
All the latest tv results right after the show concludes and PPV reviews.
News and columns on the big 3 as well as Japan wrestling.
News headlines, rumors and results from the WWF, WCW, and Indy promotions. Includes forum and other interactive features.
Unicomplex Wrestling
News, columns, commentary, forums and other information on the big three.
Wrestling news, information, media, results, ratings, forums and columns. Covers major federations.
WHQ News Board
Message board with news and personal opinions.
Women's Wrestling Illustrated
News, history, Japanese information, feature stories, dates, images, tapes, match highlights, and links.
World Parody Federation
Wrestling humor site.
World Wide Wrestling News
Features headline news and rumors, show results, and spoilers.
Wrasslin Station
Features news, multimedia, columns, babe galleries, and free giveaways.
Wrasslin' Weekly
Online version of Wrasslin Weekly print newspaper column, with archives and informational wrestling links.
Wrestle Digest
News, music, information, and photos from the WWF and WCW.
Wrestle War
Provides news and editorials along with forums. Also contains match ratings. Covers WWF, WCW and ECW.
Editorials, reviews, multimedia and interactive. Requires Flash.
News, opinions, information, and columns.
Includes chat, multimedia, information and links.
News, results, themes, and information.
Latest WWF, WCW, and ECW news, columns, results, spoilers, themes, columns, polls, wrestler info, exclusive interviews, and video game info.
Includes news and photos.
News and columns along with a photo gallery.
News and rumors, photos, and information. Features WWF, WCW, and ECW.
Columns, newsboard, multimedia, interactive features, and information on numerous wrestlers.
News and rumors from WWF, WCW, and ECW. Includes headlines and articles along with links.
News, rumors, opinions, multimedia, links and information.
Results, news, multimedia, images, wrestler information, chat, and a poll.
Providing the up to date and in depth wrestling news, information, and columns. Also includes pictures of women in wrestling, newsletter, ratings, results, real names, and birthdays.
News, music, information, and photos from the WWF and WCW.
Original columns and news along with a wrestling dictionary and directory.
Results and news on the big 3, interactive features, and multimedia.
Wrestling at
WWF, WCW, and ECW news, rumors, top stories, graffiti wall, polls, message board, and links.
Wrestling City
Latest wrestling news, rumors, results, and columns.
Wrestling Daily
Daily wrestling news. Offers message boards, free email, online auctions, and women of wrestling as well.
Wrestling Leader
Newsboard, event schedules, PPV results, backgrounds, and free e-mail.
Wrestling Life
Games, columns, reports, news, rumors, bios, spoilers themes, and titan trons.
Wrestling Observer
The latest WWF, WCW, ECW, and International wrestling news from Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and Alex Marvez. The official on-line site for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Figure Four Weekly.
Wrestling Perspective
The online companion to Wrestling Perspective newsletter. Pro Wrestling interviews, analysis, commentary and history.
Wrestling Uncensored
The original and most respected news/opinion board on the net. See for yourself what everyone is talking about.
Wrestling Unleashed Newsboard
News, editorials, results, interviews and links.
Wrestling World 2001
Wrestling pictures, news and rumors.
Wrestling World Magazine
The official site of Wrestling World Magazine covers the latest wrestling news and rumors from the WWF, WCW and ECW.
Wrestling World Now
WWF, WCW, and ECW rumors and news, along with original articles.
News and interviews, photos, merchandise, and interactive features.
Professional wrestling commentary, news, reviews, glossary of wrestling jargon, and quality wrestling links.
Includes WWF information, themes, stats, columns, divas, ECW and WCW content.
News and message board.
Original columns, news and rumors, along with rankings.
Includes news, multimedia, interactive sections, women of wrestling, and pictures.
News and rumors from the WWF, WCW, and ECW. Multimedia, store, and related features.
Includes results, themes, news and reports.
News and columns about the WWF and WCW. Also interactive features, information and merchandise.
News and columns, photos, polls, and profiles.
A tribute to Championship Wrestling in Florida between the years of 1979 and 1984. Photos, programs, information, and memorabilia.
Wrestling news, results and information.
WWF Headliner
News and rumors from all three major federations.

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